The Hogs Back Hotel is owned by Surya Hotels, one of the UK's leading niche hotel groups with a rapidly expanding portfolio of outstanding properties, situated in some of the UK's most idyllic settings, from historic towns and coastal resorts to picturesque villages.

Stunning North Downs

The Hog's Back is a part of the North Downs in Surrey, England, that lies between Farnham in the west and Guildford in the east.

In a letter to her sister Cassandra, dated Thursday 20 May 1813, Jane Austen  wrote of her journey to London in a curricle via "the Hog's-back" writing:

"Upon the whole it was an excellent journey & very thoroughly enjoyed by me; the weather was delightful the greatest part of the day. Henry found it too warm, & talked of its being close sometimes, but to my capacity it was perfection. I never saw the country from the Hogsback so advantageously."

Moments in history

This historical note reveals that the area was known as the Hog's Back in Jane Austen's time, however, the medieval name for the ridge was Guildown (recorded first in 1035 where it was the site of the abduction of Prince Alfred of Wessex by Earl Godwin.



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